About Us

 raewynretouchRAEWYN ROBINSON first established her boutique store ‘RITZY BITS’ in November 1992, then in the sleepy seaside  village of Westmere, Auckland.

Westmere Shop Ritzy Bits At that stage it was very much a family business with her Dad helping      out in store and loving it.

 Dealing in the stylish Art Deco period, through to the cool kitsch                  period of the 50s’ 60s’ & 70s’ now more commonly referred to as                Retro.

 In 2000,she decided to get in on the cyber world activity and had the     first Ritzy Bits website designed.

In December 2003 she opened her second store, (4 times the size of Westmere), in the more upmarket area on the corner of Great South Rd and Market Rd, Remuera, alongside 7 existing Antique/Collectable stores – the Antique Area of Auckland.

2_Great_South_Road (1)

The Westmere store was closed down 2 years later in January 2006 and focus was then totally on the Remuera store.

The recession hit in late 2007 and over the next few years saw the demise of a lot of the Antique stores around Ritzy Bits, and in fact, around the country.                                          Ritzybits store

If there’s one thing certain in this life it is change and in December 2008, now over having a big store, Raewyn downsized her Remuera store and reverted back to a boutique store.

At that stage there were only 3 stores left including her own, of the original 8 that were there when she first opened back in 2003.

Sept 2011 Ritzy Bits expanded again and took on a space in the newly developed Antique Centre in Paeroa – The Depot.The Depotnow

Yet more change, in 2012 the number of Antique/Collectable/Retro stores in Market Road was now two.

The Antique area of Auckland was no longer the character area that Raewyn had shifted to back in 2003. The soul of the area had well and truly gone and the Market Rd corner shops was now just the same as any other shopping centre, made up of food & services.

So in April 2013 RITZY BITS the Real Store CLOSED its doors.

Raewyn now resides 2 hours outside of Auckland in Waipu, in a place with spectacular views (wow what a work place!) and continues to follow her passion in the search for anything cool and stylish from the past, particularly the 60s’& 70s’.

Now for the next stage of Ritzy Bits…more time & energy will go into this New Cyber Space Store (June 2016) & Ritzy Bits continues to have a live presence in The Depot, Antique Centre in Paeroa.

Wow how life has changed! What will be next?